ARROW and THE FLASH: Five Things We Want to See in the Crossover

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The most anticipated fall season crossover is finally upon us, ARROW and THE FLASH fans! Starting tonight, we will see our two favorite DC superheroes join forces on our screen in a two-night event that has fans across the globe jumping up and down in excitement. Unlike last year’s crossover – where we had two standalone episodes with characters from both shows – this year, the audience will have to tune in to The CW both on Tuesday and on Wednesday night. “Legends of Today” and “Legends of Yesterday” will play out like a two-hour special episode and will serve as a platform to launch DC’s newest show, LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, which is set to premiere in January.

We’ve all seen the photos and the promos and we know that the crossover will revolve around saving Kendra Saunders from super villain Vandal Savage – who happens to be immortal – making things very, very difficult for Team FLASH/ARROW. This is the gist of it and we all expect things to be intense and super action-packed, as both shows usually are. But this is also a rare opportunity to get all these cool characters together in the same episodes. Although they exist in the same fictional universe, THE FLASH and ARROW are two separate shows, meaning that we don’t usually get more than a casual mention of a character or situation here and there. So getting these two worlds to collide and these characters to work together on our screen is an event in itself. Considering that action is not the only thing these shows are all about, we decided to list five things that we would like to see in the crossover:

Felicity and Barry’s Friendship

Felicity Smoak and Barry Allen are the glue that linked these two shows in the first place. Although they never had a romantic relationship, their friendship is probably one of my favorite aspects of both shows. When Barry first showed up in Star City, he was a cute, clumsy nerd to whom Felicity took immediate liking. They have so much in common and speak the same language, that it seemed inevitable that something would happen between them. But, alas, it was not meant to be. Barry was hung up on Iris and Felicity was head over heels in love with Oliver, so they decided that being friends was the best thing they could do.  And what a beautiful friendship those two have. Even though things didn’t work out for them romantically, they genuinely care for each other (which just adds points to my theory that it can’t be Felicity in that grave. Barry would be devastated – and let’s face it, he’s a crier – and he just wasn’t. He was sad, sure, but it didn’t feel like he had just lost a really close friend) and seem to keep in touch. Although they don’t seem to see each other very often, the happiness at their reunion is palpable. Plus, these two are just super funny together in a nerdy, awkward kind of way.

bromanceOliver and Barry’s Bromance

It seems funny to even call it a bromance, because these two did not like each other very much when they first met. Or rather, Oliver didn’t like Barry’s overly enthusiastic desire to help, which was a very obvious contrast to his brooding tendencies back then. Also, Barry posed a threat when it came to his unresolved feelings for Felicity, so Oliver was not happy when the forensic scientist first showed up. But then he became the Flash and – even though they had a rough start last year – things seem to have progressed nicely between them and I am willing to bet that Felicity was the catalyst for this change. Two years ago, Oliver used to see Barry as an awkward, annoying kid; but now he sees him as an equal and has taken him under his wing like a younger brother, and I just can’t wait to see more of their relationship play out on my screen. I really, really hope that we get to see more of these characters crossing over to the other’s show in future episodes this season.

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 The Science and Technology Dream Team

We may not see it on screen, but it seems like Team Arrow is really tight with Team Flash these days – or at least Felicity, Caitlin and Cisco are – and I can’t wait to see them all together again. We have seen mentions of Cisco and Caitlin working on something with Felicity on ARROW and we have seen Team Flash mentioning our IT queen a few times, so I would like to think that they all hang out on occasion. But this week we get to see them all together on our screens and it’s going to be glorious. Cisco’s sense of humor with Felicity’s lack of filter? I just know it’s going to be brilliant.

diggleDiggle’s Reaction to Super Powers

Considering Dig kind of freaked out when he first saw Barry’s super speed back in “Flash vs Arrow”, I would say it’s a pretty safe bet we are in for some really fun moments for when he meets Hawkgirl and Hawkman. Sure, he has seen people get back from the dead and Damien Dahrk killing people with the touch of his hand, but I can’t wait to see his reaction to Cisco’s power and to Kendra’s wings. Also, they are going up against a guy who is immortal. That’s bound to freak everybody out.

Oliver’s Long Lost Son

We first found out that, once upon a time Oliver got one of his many flings pregnant, back in season 2, but it seemed like Moira had taken care of everything when she paid the girl to disappear. So it all seemed to be resolved and never to be spoken of again, but Oliver bumped into that same girl in Central City during last year’s crossover. And guess what, she actually had the baby and Oliver has a mini!Arrow running around in Central City. So, it seems logical that they would touch on that again on this year’s crossover, right? After all, they didn’t reveal this tidbit, only to leave us hanging indefinitely – or at least, that’s what I’m assuming. If one of the promos out there is any indication, I think my assumptions will prove to be correct and Oliver will find out he is a daddy. How, when and why are still a mystery, but I can’t wait to see how this bombshell of a revelation will impact his life and, especially, his relationship with Felicity.

What about you, FLASH and ARROW fans? What do you want to see in this week’s crossover? What are your theories? Hit the comments below and tell me all about it, or come talk to me on Twitter.

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