SUPERNATURAL Mid-Season Preview: To Hell and Back


Sam was surprised when his childhood imaginary friend, Sully, showed up on this week’s SUPERNATURAL. It turns out Sully was a real creature (a Zanna) that helps guide and befriend children. While Dean was initially skeptical about his reappearance, he got on board quickly when Sully showed them why he came: he needed help in figuring out who was killing other imaginary friends like him. Dean eventually headed out to find the murderer when one of the victims survived, but he was captured and Sam and Sully were lured to him. It turns out that the killer was committing these murders because she blamed Sully for her sister’s death. But Sully’s acceptance of his own death and Dean’s kind words about him convinced the killer to let go of her anger towards the Zanna.

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Meanwhile, we got flashbacks to Sam’s childhood with Sully when his father and Dean were off hunting and were reluctant to take young Sam along. While Sam and Sully contemplated what Sam could do with his future, Sammy told Sully to leave when his father finally called and invited him along on the hunt.

In the upcoming mid-season finale, Amara unleashes her power on some poor, unsuspecting townspeople. While Dean tries to figure out more about his bond with her, Sam and Crowley team up to do something really crazy: get Sam to Lucifer’s cage to get some answers about the Darkness. And Mark Pellegrino is making a reappearance as Lucifer in one of Sam’s visions!

Don’t miss the mid-season finale of SUPERNATURAL on December 9 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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  • Caroline Veronica

    All this talk about the cage and Lucifer…. But where is Michael???
    How come it took an entire season to get to the cage, and they needed the rings of the four horsemen to open it. I doubt Crowley possesses the power to open the cage – that would be absolutely absurd.

  • SnazzyO

    I can’t wait for this episode. Looks EPIC.