SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: A Super Weapon


Sam and Dean Winchester know that the majority of beings who first locked Amara away are currently MIA on SUPERNATURAL. Michael and Lucifer are trapped in Hell’s cage (at least, that’s what Sam thinks — but the rest of us know Lucifer is freely roaming the earth now thanks to Castiel), God has been missing for a while and the other archangels are dead.

So what’s a Winchester to do when faced with defeating a nearly un-killable foe? Find a tool they can use. And Sam may have found one. In a sneak peek below, we see the younger Winchester ask his older (and caffeine-deprived) brother if he’s aware that the Nazis had a division dedicated to finding archaeological and historical relics. Dean seems somewhat surprised (I guess he didn’t believe two of the three original Indiana Jones films which spelled that out), but Sam may have found one such weapon that they can use: the Hand of God.

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The only problem, as we’ll soon discover, is that the Hand of God was lost during WWII on a submarine that sunk to the bottom of the ocean. But Casifer sees the benefits in getting his hands on the weapon and he agrees (still pretending to be Cas) to send Dean back in time to retrieve the weapon before it’s lost to the ocean.

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