SUPERNATURAL Season 12 Premiere Photos: The Return of Mary and the Quest to Save Sam

Two big things happened at the end of season 11 of SUPERNATURAL: Mary Winchester was brought back to life and Sam Winchester was kidnapped by the British Men of Letters (although the show wanted us to believe he might have been killed).

The CW has released photos from the season 12 premiere that reveal a few important facts: Sam is, indeed, still alive. He’s also tied up and being interrogated by Toni Bevell and tortured by a woman identified in the photo credits as Ms. Watt. As the younger Winchester brother suffers at the hands of the British MOL, Dean, Mary and Castiel are on a hunt to find and save Sam. And along the way, they too come in contact with Ms. Watt, who manages to bloody up the rescue group. Will Dean find his brother before the end of the season premiere? Only time will tell!

Thanks to spoilers from Comic-Con, we also know that once the brothers are reunited, both of them will understandably be concerned about Mary as a hunter. After all, we know how prone the Winchesters are towards protectiveness, so having her back in their lives after losing her so young will mean they’re doubly worried about losing her again.

Elsewhere in season 12, expect to see Castiel on the hunt for Lucifer, who will be inhabiting a new body soon enough. Crowley is also searching for the angel who stole his throne to get a little revenge.

Browse through the photos above and tune in for the season premiere of SUPERNATURAL on Thursday, October 13 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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  • Dakota60

    Sheesh….a cattle prod???

  • Cooper

    I am so excited about season 12. Bring it on! So glad to see some new pics – hopefully the boys save Sam soon, but man, I’m glad to see Dean and Cas working together in the finale. You know they’re both determined to get him back!

  • American

    Is it October yet, can’t wait for season 12, so excited.

  • American

    Some of the cast will be in other programs I hear, need to find out which one’s, and who besides Jeff in the Walking dead, want to see them in the new shows.

  • evave2

    I don’t know if anybody else thinks this, but Samantha Smith and Jensen Ackles really DO look like they are related. First time I noticed it was Mommy Dearest, that their mouths were similar; in these shots it’s the nose as well. BOY, do they look alike.

  • Casting from the early seasons was so damn good.