SUPERNATURAL Comic-Con Panel: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 13


Three characters were killed in the last season finale of SUPERNATURAL and Sam and Dean Winchester were left with the spawn of Satan, while Mary and Lucifer were trapped in an alternate dimension. In other words, everyone is in the trouble — including the world itself. Lucifer and Kelly’s son, Jack, aged quickly after killing his own mother with his birth and now the Winchesters will have to deal with a being of immense power while reeling from the deaths of their friends and allies, as well as their mother’s disappearance.

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and executive producers Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb came to San Diego Comic-Con to tease season 13 of SUPERNATURAL and what the Winchester brothers will be dealing with next season.

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10.35 – Jared and Jensen filmed a cute little intro to the panel talking about heading to Hall H and Kansas came out to perform “Wayward Sons” live! (watch the video below).

10.41 – Richard Speight Jr and Rob Benedict came on stage to moderate the panel.

10.45 – Did they really kill Castiel? Singer said “we have to go with the story takes you” and the writers thought that perhaps Castiel’s time had come. As he said that Misha dragged his own little chair out on stage.

10.48 – Singer confirmed that Misha will be returning to the show.

10.49 – Dabb said that leading into season 12 the guys had the happiest situation they could have — their mom was back, they saved the world without having to sacrifice each other, and their friends were alive. But in season 13 “we just murder”, he joked.

10.54 – Jared and Misha recall the twitter pranks they’ve played on each other, including posting rude/embarrassing tweets on each other’s phones.

10.55 – How will Dean and Sam react to Jack? “Differently,” Jensen said. With their mom and Cas being gone, the brothers now have this person/thing/entity and “in Dean’s mind [he] just simply has to go”. But because Jack is half-human Sam wants to handle him differently and not simply kill him.

10.57 – Jensen jokes “why would anyone want to see how it turns out?” if they let Jack live. Jared reiterated that the Jack situation is a “nature versus nurture” argument. Sam, ever the optimist, wants to try to figure out how to handle Jack because he’s still Kelly’s son and Kelly was a good person. Dabb said that Sam is a character who was destined to do “very bad things” and he can put himself in Jack’s shoes a bit better. And Jack will struggle with his situation in their version of “Hell: My Two Dads”.

10.59 – Dean thinks that Mary is gone, that she went through the rift with Lucifer and then the rift closed. Singer says that Dean is convinced their mother is lost to them forever. While Dean is upset he’s prepared to accept it. But Sam thinks that Mary could still be alive — after all, the boys have traveled to other dimensions and returned. It will be a problem between the guys because Sam’s mission is “let’s find Mom” and Dean thinks they have bigger fish to fry. But Mary is definitely not dead. “Dean is kind of a debbie-downer at the beginning of the season,” Jared joked.

11.01 – Dabb said that it took Mary a while to find her footing with the world and her sons after she came back. But Mary made the sacrifice to kill Lucifer and go into the rift knowingly and she comes to terms with that, even if she’s still being active. The world she’s gone into is worse than the world where her sons are. Jack is the key to getting Mary back — but is opening that rift really something the brothers want done? It could threaten their dimension.

11.03 – The end of last season was about other people helping the Winchesters after the Winchesters helped so many people (such as Jody and the other hunters).

11.04 – We also saw Bobby in the other world. Could we see other characters in that world? “Am I coming back?” Benedict joked about God’s possible return. Singer said that there is definitely a good chance other characters could come back. Dabb says characters will come back in both our world and the alternate world. Missouri Moseley and Jody will both be back. In the other world characters who are “long dead on our show” are less dead in the other world. And they will be very different characters.

11.08 – Jensen likes that they’re never telling the same stories twice. There’s always new characters and new stories to tell. “We’ve had great seasons we’ve had maybe not so great seasons” but he’s always proud to be part of something that has lasted this long. Jared agreed and said that for him as well, life can has its ebbs and flows, but it’s wonderful. And to look out at the crowd after 13 years and see how many fans they have blows him away.

11.22 – “Baby is not a prop. Baby is a part of me,” Jensen said in response to a question about favorite props. He said that the weight of the angel blade really calls to him because he’s always spinning it in his hand and it’s like the “OG fidget spinner”. Meanwhile, Jared’s favorite prop is the demon blade. He said that it was actually put together incorrectly when it first appeared on camera. He found that out early on and whenever he has to handle it he’s conscious of that because when he pulls it out the blade is facing the wrong way.

11.25 – What fear would they die from if the curse in “Yellow Fever” was true? Misha joked his would be “being up on stage in front of a large number of people with my friends making fun of me”. Jensen said “about 13 years ago [being in this situation] probably would have killed me.” He thinks that being in front of a large crowd like this is “daunting”. He’s been able to face that, but years ago that would have been one for him.

11.29 – The final fan at the microphone asked which character would make the most interesting spin-off? Dabb said that they have a lot of strong female characters on the show, such as Jody, Alex and Donna and he thinks they would make a great addition to the SUPERNATURAL universe. Casting for the spin-off WAYWARD SISTERS was also announced today.

SUPERNATURAL returns for an all new season on October 12 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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  • This sounds pretty tone-deaf so far. So, par for the course with these showrunners.

    Obviously, Castiel is coming back. Not like Misha’s going to be playing anybody else on the show.

  • Leona

    He could come back as Jimmy Novak, as human.

  • Dabb & Singer are idiots. But they’re not quite *that* dumb. They know perfectly well that Castiel is a popular character and that in a season where they’re bringing back characters who have been dead and gone for years, they have no excuse not to bring Castiel back.

    Besides, Misha’s on the official Comic-Con poster in his Castiel costume, not dressed as Jimmy.

    I’m more concerned with all the Dean-bashing in the spoilers. Looks as though Dean will be the designated bad guy–again. Until he’s vindicated later on, of course, because there’s no way Jack can work as a recurring character unless he’s seriously powered down. And since when has Sam’s faith in a “bad” character ever worked out?

  • JIll Ann Ulch

    It sucks that they always make Dean the “bad” guy. I love the show but it’s kinda getting old.

  • It is, yeah. Especially since it’s always a fake-out, anyway, and you know Dean will be the Cassandra character down the road that everyone should have listened to. It’s also annoying because Dean just lost his mother and two close friends seconds before, so of course he’s depressed. Who wouldn’t be? Well, Sam, apparently, because it’s all academic to him, I guess. I find Sam’s attitude much more problematical.

    And in light of the season starting out with Dean-bashing, I’m meh about Missouri coming back. She was nasty to him. But at least Mary’s return is essentially confirmed.

  • JIll Ann Ulch

    I agree. Everyone kinda treats Dean like he is worthless and it’s always poor Sammy. The shit Dean has had to do though.
    They need to change it up a little, I love the show and will always watch it (I think) but I’m meh on it lately.

  • Andrea Lee

    I’m confused. How is Sam wanting to find their mother and not kill a child problematic?

  • 1. In the season finale, after watching Mary disappear and Castiel get killed right in front of him, Sam simply wandered back into the house to check out the light of Jack’s “birth.” That’s pretty cold.

    2. Jack is not a “child.” The writers can BS about this all they want to cover up their linear writing, but after 12 seasons of this show, it’s not hard to guess that a being who can and does brainwash people from the womb is not an innocent who doesn’t know what to do next and might turn out to be a good person. Jack’s vision to Castiel made it very clear Jack has a set agenda, already, and it’s not good.

  • Andrea Lee

    Neither of these points answer my original question. 1. Sam’s response to their deaths is one of shock; his staggering away from what happened to Mary and Castiel reflects what he himself admitted earlier in the season. He has a tendency to run from his problems. That would be caring too much and fleeing to avoid the consequences of that emotion/attachment, not the other way around. As a character, Sam has come a long way from this behavior (as evidenced when he stayed with Claire during her transformation while Dean fled). But the loss of both his mother and best friend certainly seems like a catalyst that would return him to previous responses of deflection. Flawed, certainly, but not cold.

    2. Sam does not know any of this. As a character in a TV show, he’s not going to be familiar with the tropes of his creators. A character cannot be considered problematic for repetitive story lines; that would be like blaming the characters of Twilight for their writer’s crappy lines. Whether or not Jack is evil, Sam’s initial desire to help what he perceives to be (at least partially) a human child is not inherently problematic. It’s human, protective, and compassionate.

  • Try to keep it civil and adult, okay? Just because you didn’t like my answer, doesn’t mean I didn’t give you one. It’s not as though anybody here is obligated to answer anybody else or make them happy. That’s why it’s a discussion thread.

    1. This is a fictional story and the showrunners at the panel cast Dean and Sam’s reactions in negative and positive terms, based on Dean not wanting to look and Sam wanting to look. However, that was in stark contrast to the Brothers’ responses in the final moments of last season. Sam walked away. Dean didn’t. It was as simple as that. There’s no denying that Sam has an ugly history of not giving a crap about collateral damage and of ditching loved ones whenever he’s “in shock.” The fact he does it in the face of overwhelming emotion doesn’t make it any healthier for the people around him.

    2. Sam *should* know this, considering he lived through all the stuff we saw onscreen. He himself has admitted that his judgement of people isn’t the best and that Dean’s is better (as late as the end of this last season when he admitted working with the British Men of Letters was a stupid move). Yet, every season, he snaps back to the default of being right and Dean being wrong, because his learning curve is apparently flat as a pancake.

  • Andrea Lee

    I don’t see how my response was rude or immature. Your answer didn’t correspond with my question: how is Sam looking for his mother and not wanting to kill a child problematic? You responded by ignoring the first part of the question, zeroing in on the second, and using nonobjective language regarding Sam. Therefore, I have found nothing objective or definitive.

    1. The sentence “Sam walked away” intimates abandonment, when we know there was no one to abandon at that point (Mary being gone, Castiel being dead, Dean being alive and fine health-wise). If he turned away in a moment of feeling “I’m not going to deal with this right now,” he still is not abandoning anyone. It is as simple as Sam checking on the only other living thing in the vicinity, which is no crime. I also disagree with your word choice of “ugly history” because I find that Sam’s habitual saving of the universe/Dean makes “ugly” inaccurate. And in season 13, it appears to be Dean who is ditching loved ones, not the other way around; yet, I am not calling that or his tendency to despair ugly. These characters are flawed and that is okay.

    2. All we know is that Sam doesn’t want to kill a child and does want to find Mary. In addition, Dean’s judgment skills are equally as flawed as Sam’s (Gordon, Zachariah, Emma, Ezekiel/Gadreel, etc.) It should be noted that Sam has accepted the blame for his role in the apocalypse with remorse every time Dean brings it up, no matter how much time has passed. They own up to their mistakes and hold each other accountable, as brothers and partners should. Sam has literally told Dean he’s a genius as well as admitting when Dean was right. I’m afraid, knowing this, that I don’t see any learning curve, when their faith in each other has held true from the beginning.

    In the end, only one of us here seems to despise the show we’re discussing, the writers and directors of said show, and at least one of the main characters. I cannot imagine spending this kind of time on something I hated. I hope season 13 redeems itself in your eyes, or that you find a happier hobby.

  • No, my answer was one you didn’t like, so you got snotty about it. You forgot that I don’t have to answer you in the first place, let alone make you happy by kissing up to you and your personal interpretation of the show or the last scene of season 12. I have my own interpretation, which I’m quite satisfied I explained clearly. That it doesn’t correspond with your interpretation doesn’t make it lesser or unclear. It’s simply a different interpretation. You can like or not like it as you please.

    As for whether I’ll “find a happier hobby” this season, at least I don’t go around insulting total strangers and getting my knickers in a bunch simply because they disagreed with me about a fictional story. Since you asked, I’m quite confident I’m happier than you and will go about watching the show live as usual, just as I’ve done for the past decade plus. I’m completely capable of watching and enjoying a show without putting it up on a bright and shiny pedestal from which it can easily fall down. So, my enjoyment of it is in far less danger than yours.